Residential Garbage Disposal in Ponderay

Garbage disposals are relatively simple machines that when installed correctly can function for many years, conveniently disposing all types of messy food waste. However, like any kitchen appliance, they wear down over time and eventually cease to work, typically leaving Ponderay homeowners to fend off worrisome clogs and foul-smelling leaks.

Whenever your garbage disposal stops working, don’t panic. Yes, it has become an essential part of how your home functions, but it can easily be fixed or replaced with the help of Covenant Plumbing LLC’s trained professionals. While they are not overly complicated machines, the combination of electricity and piping make them the perfect appliance to be repaired by the professionals.

Covenant Plumbing LLC’s plumbers have many years of experience repairing garbage disposal and we can repair your garbage disposal faster, cleaner and more effectively than any other residential plumbing company in the Ponderay area. When your garbage disposal breaks, drop us a line and we’ll be ready to find a last solution to get your home back to normal.

Garbage Disposal Leaking

Garbage disposal clogs are troublesome, but they are exponentially better than leaks. With garbage disposal leaks, it is much more difficult to fix as there are several different places within the system that can actually spring a leak, which makes an accurate diagnosis much more difficult. Furthermore, rather than food waste and dirty water collecting in the sink, a leak can contaminate your whole kitchen, sowing the seeds for mold, mildew and water damage.

If your garbage disposal is leaking, here are the five first things we’ll look at to repair the leak:

Sink Flange

The uppermost part of your garbage disposal is the sink flange. This is where the disposal connects to the sink drain and there are a number of reasons why a leak could start there. First, it could be that the mounting bolts aren’t tight enough. It could be that the putty has failed.

Dishwasher Connection

Certain garbage disposals are connected to the dishwasher’s drain pipe. This connection helps get rid of any leftover food that is removed from plates and pans as they go through the washing cycle. If there is a leak in there, it’s likely because there is a problem with the hose.

Discharge Pipe

On the bottom of the unit is the discharge pipe that goes into the drain of the sink. If the flange and the seal aren’t tight and secure, water will seep through and they will need to be reset using our industry standard equipment.

Cracked Body

As these appliances get older, they become more susceptible to cracking. When the shell cracks, water will emerge from the seams. When this happens, there is no repair that can be done. However, our technicians are available to replace your garbage disposal if need be.

Knocked Loose

Because people usually use the space their systems occupy as storage, it is fairly common for things to bump against the garbage disposal pipes. If hit hard enough, it can move and shift so that the pipes are no longer flush, the seals have pressure on them, etc. This requires an eye for detail and someone who knows exactly how a garbage disposal should be operating, which thankfully our plumbers do.

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