Residential Water Heaters in Sand Point

Any Sand Point homeowner needs a plumber they can count on. If you’ve been let down before, why not put your trust in Covenant Plumbing LLC? With years of professional experience in repairing and installing water heaters, we’re the team you can count on. Call us today!


Cost-Saving Water Heater Repair Services

Hot water is important all year round. We need it to clean our dishes, wash our clothing, scrub our hands, and more. As any homeowner knows, it doesn’t get hot on its own. Your home’s water heater is responsible for that. Your heater gets a lot of use on a regular basis, more than your other appliances. That’s why it is important to have the contact information for a team who can be there to make sure your heater never fails you for long.

That’s where Covenant Plumbing LLC comes in. Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, we’re the residential plumbers with a knack for serving conventional and tankless water heaters, swiftly and with proficiency. We offer:

  • Repairs on All Makes and Models
  • Emergency Repair Services
  • Accurate Written Estimates
  • Extended Warranties on All Services
  • Certified Technicians
  • Access to Any and All Replacement Parts

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Let Us Install Your Water Heater

As licensed plumbers, we do more than just tinker with water tanks—we’ll even install your new tank for you! We’ll make sure your water tank is connected to your gas line, your water line, and we’ll double-check your heat-trap fittings for good measure. But first things first, you have to call us!

When to Repair and When to Replace your Water Heater

The average hot water tank can last anywhere from 8 to 12 years before it needs to be replaced. Sometimes though, problems might arise that can’t be fixed by even the most sophisticated repairs. Sometimes your heater might need to be replaced a little sooner than you’d hoped.

We know how to determine whether a water heater needs to be tuned up or thrown out. It all comes down to determining whether your heater’s projected future maintenance and repair costs surpass the cost of a completely new tank. If they do, we’ll save you all that unnecessary money, time, and stress by suggesting you get a water heater. What’s more, we’ll even install it and perform a factory-grade inspection before we leave your home.

Same-Day Emergency Water Heater Services

There is nothing more inconvenient than a water heater on the fritz. The only thing that comes close, is a plumber who works slowly or who is unwilling to fit you into their week’s work schedule.

Thankfully, we’re only a phone call away. We work quickly, and with our flexible scheduling options we’ll always be able to provide same-day service.

Free Extended Warranties on All Water Heater Services

We believe in protecting all our clients from future harm and setbacks. That’s why all our services come with extended warranties. Though our repairs never let our clients down, a little peace of mind never hurt anyone.

Like so many other household luxuries, a steady supply of hot water is only truly appreciated when it suddenly cuts out and you are left shivering in the shower. Whenever your hot water stops working, it can be cause for panic, which is why Covenant Plumbing LLC is ready and waiting to inspect the water heater in your Sand Point home.

For many years, Covenant Plumbing LLC has been providing quality water heater repairs and installations for Sand Point homes, which has allowed us to become the most trusted name in our line of work. Every home has different hot water needs. Knowing this, our team pays special attention to all the little details of your home and its plumbing system so that you aren’t inconvenienced by a sudden shortage of hot water in the future.

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Water Heater Repairs

Water heaters are a home plumbing appliance most Sand Point homeowners simply expect to work on a daily basis. However, they are not immune to the degrading effects that the passing of time has on us all. To prevent a sudden drought of hot water or more dire consequences, here are some of the signs your water heater requires repairs to look out for.

Your water heater is making strange noises. Over the years, sediment in the water stored builds up at the bottom of the tank. This sediment is usually made up of harmless minerals that precipitate out of the water once it gets hot. If you have hard water in your home without a water softener, the chances of these minerals building up are much higher than if you have the right filters. As the sediment levels continue to buildup in the tank, it will cause blockages, reduce the heater’s efficiency and accelerate the corrosion within the pipes. This process is why you are hearing rumbling and banging noises coming from your water heater.

As soon as you hear strange noises, contact Covenant Plumbing LLC right away to save yourself from more costly repairs in the future.

Water is pooling around the tank. Whenever you see water dripping or pooling around the water heater’s tank, it is a sign that your water heater is leaking or fractured. This is especially common in systems between 10 and 20 years old. Unfortunately, if your water heater is cracked and leaking, there is not much we can do in terms of repairs as it will only be a temporary fix before you need an outright replacement. Excess moisture around the tank will lead to water damage, mold growth and could be an electrical hazard. Plus, a leaking water heater will be less efficient and result in more expensive water bills and wasted water.

If you have noticed water pooling around your tank, contact Covenant Plumbing LLC immediately and we’ll assist you in installing a brand new one that won’t be putting your home at risk or wasting your valuable resources.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Covenant Plumbing LLC today.