Residential Emergency Plumbing in Sand Point

Problems with your Sand Point home’s plumbing don’t wait for when it’s convenient for you. No, they prefer to arise in the middle of night, when you are about to leave for work or any time when you feel like there is too much on your plate already. Any time your home’s plumbing breaks down at the most inopportune times, there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is call Covenant Plumbing LLC and let us know that you require our emergency plumbing services and we’ll have a member of our team come to your home as soon as possible to resolve the issue, no matter what it is.

The key to providing quality emergency plumbing services is to make sure that the cavalry you call in can actually help. If not tended to immediately, a plumbing emergency can quickly spiral out of control and become an unhealthy, wet and expensive mess. You need experienced professionals who have seen it all before so that they can act quickly in fixing the problem and returning your house to normal while sparring it all the expensive water damage. That’s why Covenant Plumbing LLC is your best option in times of need.

We never take days off and we only work with the most proficient plumbers in Sand Point. There is no emergency too big or too small for our top-rated staff, so whenever you have an issue, give us a call.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Everyone’s definition of a plumbing emergency is different. Some people may think a clogged sink is now big deal and that they can try to clear it with a plunger later. Others need it fixed right away. Whatever you deem a plumbing emergency, we’ll be there to fix it. Some of the most common plumbing emergencies we encounter regularly include:

Clogged Toilet

Your home’s hardest working fixture can’t help but break down after extended use. Its role in your home is irreplaceable, which is why whenever it’s not serving its primary purpose, it is serious business. If your toilet is clogged, making strange noises, leaking or not flushing, it is most likely clogged. If ignored, it can result in major issues like flooding, structural damage and backed up raw sewage. Letting them sit is a major health hazard, so get them fixed as soon as they start to pose a problem with our 24-hour service.


A constant drip is more than just annoying, it can significantly increase your water bill. If your faucet is leaking or your toilet is running, get one of our plumbers to take a look so that your home doesn’t succumb to rust or mold in the near future.

Water Heater Problems

You depend on hot water for your home and personal hygiene. When it’s not working, it can derail everything. Rather can try to manage without it, you are better off calling in the professionals who can diagnose and resolve the problem with your water heater with ease.

Covenant Plumbing LLC’s plumbers are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year…so call us whenever we’re needed!